Misty BD was established in 2019 and is based in North Texas. From casual chic to sophisticated or daring, you can find a piece for all customers.

Size ranges from small to 3x. Exclusives are designed specifically for the Misty BD brand and manufactured in the USA.  Trendy imported pieces can also be confidently shopped here. 

networks & associations
Are you a boutique owner looking for a reliable source of vendors, service providers, and other boutiques to network with? The Boutique Hub is all that + more!! I have personally been a member pretty much from their very beginning (2016)! This is definitely a wonderful resource for brand growth!!

The Boutique Hub

How easy would it be to have Branded Engagement Photos, a Day to Day Social Media Content Calendar with Recommended Content Posts, Product Descriptions, and all the other things you need to run your social media accounts? InstantBoss Club is your answer!


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