More Ways to Shop

I N - P E R S O N  S H O P P I N G
Misty BD can be found in the Synergy Marketplace Showroom at Dallas Market Center. Come shop anytime in a showroom with 30+ vendors Monday-Friday 10am-5pm year-round!
Prefer a major market?
You can find the 2022 apparel market dates here.


O N L I N E  S H O P P I N G 

below if you decide to shop via these platforms whether you are already a customer on these platforms or creating a new account.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE....that makes 4 pleases total which means it's very important. 🙏 😉 🤗

Why? These platforms charge brands/wholesalers fees that range from 15%-25%. OUCH! That hurts. 💜

Platform Perks
Shop via Abound Abound will pay the first $100 from each new retailer’s first order and give them 1-year free shipping. Net terms for qualified retailers.

Shop via Faire

New Faire retailers receive $100 off & 1 year of free shipping. Net 60 terms available.
Receive 60 day terms and free returns on unsold inventory.

You will need to email: so I can get your Name & Email uploaded as a contact and send you an invite from this platform.